Event Trailers

We have two event trailers available for churches who cooperate with HOKSBA or SCASB to use for their activities. The Block Party trailer contains an inflatable castle bounce, sno-cone machine, popcorn machine, and cotton candy machine. The Obstacle Course trailer contains a large inflatable obstacle course which is great for you. More information, including a detailed listing of contents and fees please read the Event Trailer Information Packet.

To request one, or both of the trailers please read the Event Trailer Information Packet, check the calendar below for availability, and then fill out the request form below. Rentals must be submitted at least 14 days in advance. Please call the association office if you would like to use the trailer(s) within the next 14 days. After submitting your form your reservation will be held for seven days, and will be confirmed after receiving payment. If you have any questions please call the association office.

The calendar below includes the dates that the “Block Party” or “Obstacle Course” trailers are in use. Please check this calendar before submitting your request. If the trailer is in use for the day you wanted to request it, and you only need it for a few hours in the evening or morning, give us a call to check the hours it is reserved. You can also complete the form and sign up to be on the waiting list for the trailer(s) and be notified if it/they become available.

Download Event Trailer Information Packet

Reservations may be made for the current calendar year only.