I want to plant a church.

Church PlantingFeeling like God has called you to plant a church can be an exciting and scary time. No doubt, there are many questions flowing through your mind. It would be our honor to walk with you through the process of clarifying the call God has placed on your life, and considering how we could partner with you in fulfilling that calling.

A helpful first step in this process might be completing this free e-book: Discovery Tools. Take your time as you work through the book, and discuss the results with your spouse, mentors, friends and family.

Wondering where you might plant? We have some ideas of places that are in need that we have published here. Don’t let this map limit you, but instead use it as a tool to pray that God would make his will known.

Our basic process for assessing church planters is outlined below. This process is flexible depending on the man we are working with, and what his vision is for the church he will plant. Each step along the way is a “decision point.” In other words, what we learn about each other at each step will determine how, or whether we proceed to the next.

Assessment Process

  1. Church Planter Candidate Assessment ($29) – The results of this assessment should be automatically emailed to us. Just to make sure, if you would like to follow up with us to let us know you have completed the assessments feel free to do so. After we have received the results, we will be in touch to schedule the next step.
  2. Interview
    • Share your vision with us.
    • Let us share our vision with you.
  3. MobilizeMe at NAMB.net – This will begin the process of connecting you with the North American Mission Board, providing access to the resources of the SEND Network, as well as several online assessments for church planters. Be sure to indicate your relationship with us as you complete your account in MobilizeMe.
    • Initial Screening Assessment (Free)
    • NAMB Mobilizer – You will be contacted by a NAMB Mobilizer over the phone to clarify your interest in planting and relationships you have previously established with us.
    • NAMB Application – The application to be a church planter recognized by the North American Mission Board. This will ask for typical job application type information, i.e. references, background check, etc. It will also ask for your agreement to belief, lifestyle and giving requirements that we have previously discussed.
  4. Online Assessments
    • Planter Profile ($89) – Several online personality assessments (DISC, MBTI, Spiritual Gifts) that will assist you and us in understanding how you are wired. The cost of this assessment will be returned if you are approved.
    • Leadership – Online 360 Evaluation for both you and your spouse if applicable.
    • Marriage ($59) – Prepare/Enrich Relationship Assessment (only for planters who are married or engaged). The cost of this assessment will be returned if you are approved.
  5. Final Assessment
    • Preaching Assessment – Details coming soon.
    • Written Assessment – This will be emailed to you.
    • Church Plant Prospectus – Include the elements below, and return this with your written assessment. We would be happy to assist you with any of this.
      • Overview of target area and demographics showing the need for a church.
      • Discipleship Plan – Read Real Life Discipleship by Jim Putman. Include your plan for Discipleship in your prospectus.
      • Stewardship Plan – Develop a prospective budget for the first five years of your church. We recommend using the percentages of undesignated giving listed below. Also develop a budget for start up costs. After you have some numbers in place, schedule a time to meet with us to look over your plan. Include the outcomes in your prospectus.
        • 40% Personnel Expenses
        • 30% Building, Property/Rental Expenses
        • 20% Ministry & Operations Expenses
        • 10% Missions
  6. In Person Assessment Interview – All that you have completed will be given to a team of men whose desire it is to see our city reached and your calling fulfilled. Over the course of two to three hours, these men will ask questions that are raised by what they have read about you and your vision for your church. Their desire is to discern what the best next steps are for you in fulfilling your calling, and how we might partner with you. If you are married, we ask that your wife be in attendance as well.
  7. Partnership Agreement Established – Driven by all that has been learned through these assessments, as well as our ability to partner with you in your calling, an agreement will be established covering areas such as: your continued personal development, accountability, funding and other avenues of support.